May 19th, 2007


The King's The Thing In This Play

Shrek The Third [PG]

If two weekends ago was the unofficial start to Summer with the release of Spiderman 3, then the Summer of '07 rolls on with its Second Second Sequel/Third Film. Now, under Dr. Phil's Rule of Sequels Shrek The Third shouldn't be as innocent and as good fun as the original Shrek, but it's probably a whole lotta cuts better than some of the other movies posing as family entertainment coming out this summer. The Grand Rapids Press review in Friday's paper gave it 2-1/2 stars and complained that Shrek 3 floundered and was too much the product of Hollywood suits and commercialism. I suspect you can say that about a whole lotta sequels and a whole lotta films which aren't any fun at all.

We once again went off to Studio 28's Theatre #1 to see the film on a BIG screen. And it was before 6pm so we got the cheaper rate and had a very uncrowded audience. This time, with rampant digital animation (grin), the Texas Instruments DLP-based new digital projection system came out exceedingly strong -- after a whole number of miscues getting the movie started on time. I wonder if they had the wrong hard drive set up, or what?

There were two little girls sitting in front of us, with very sparkly sandals that Mrs. Dr. Phil explained to their mom that she would've killed for when she was that age -- and they seemed to enjoy the film a lot. For me, the real joy beyond seeing fun characters was knowing that I get a lot more out of the pop song selections used in the movie than the kids and teens in the audience. Take that you young whippersnappers!

This is an animated movie with a big cast of big names. Everyone is there and everyone is perfect. Well, good enough for a Summer Movie. In fact, Mike Myers I don't think gets nearly enough credit here -- after all, this is Shrek's movie to the point that I don't think of him as a voice. Donkey is Eddie Murphy and Puss is Antonio Banderas... but Shrek is Shrek.

Overall: Fun

Dr. Phil
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