July 18th, 2007


Roaming Romans

You'll Thank Me

If you aren't reading meritahut's LiveJournal to get your fix of the Roman comic SPQR Blues, there's a new website containing the current comic and the archives here.

And you want to catch up with the action Real Soon Now, because it takes place in Herculaneum, located near a grumpy mountain named Vesuvius... things could get hot, even without the current story of murder and mayhem. (grin)

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Guess Who Dies In...

Shut Up!

John Joseph Adams, aka The Slushgod, has a piece out titled Public Service Announcement: Don't Be a Dick in which he pleads more politely that I did above that it would be nice if people didn't play SPOILER over the ending to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which should arrive on our porch on Saturday as part of Amazon's massive Harry Potter 7 Delivery Service.

If you want to blog about it, fine. Just use an "lj-cut" line or whatever is appropriate to your blog and leave a big SPOILER WARNING.

It's a mean old world and there are only a few times where millions of people, including children, can all gather together for one great mutual book read -- so let's play nice.


Dr. Phil
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Yay! I'm Real Again!


Back on Saturday 7 July 2007 I got an e-mail from a student asking about what textbook would be used in PHYS-1130 for Fall 2007. This was the first official word I had that I had classes for the fall -- these things happen quite late in the year because the department can't write up a contract letter until they get budget clearance, and with the current state and university budgets, that was going to wait until the new fiscal year and other things.

So I checked the GoWMU website and found that indeed, I was listed as the instructor of record for the same two classes I had last fall -- the first and second semesters of the algebra-based College Physics courses, PHYS-1130 and -1150. That doesn't happen until things get official, so This Was Good.


So last Wednesday, when I came in for my once-a-week Summer II Session Office Hours, I checked and sure enough a contract letter was floating around getting signatures. Cool.

Monday 16 July 2007 I decided to be proactive and set up new webpages for PHYS-1130 (5) and PHYS-1150 (6) for Fall 2007 (the parenthetical numbers refer to how many times I've taught each class). Turns out, despite everything, I was actually three days earlier this year than for Fall 2006.

So I guess things are progressing on track.


And as promised, the contract letter was waiting for me when I got into the office today for this week's office hours. So I am signed, the two courses are almost full up and I look to be good for the Fall semester. Yay -- I'm a real person on campus again.

And we've dodged another bullet in terms of not having to move all the stuff out of my office, thus saving the world from certain disaster. See: "Boxes" by Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon in CrossTIME Anthology Vol. V. Santa Fe NM: CrossTIME, 2006. pp. 132-147. (September 2006) ISBN-13 978-1-890109-08-0. (GRIN)

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