July 27th, 2007


Old News, Old Timers

The 22Pop

Via Scalzi's AOL blog, via another website... A typewriter for sending e-mail. Alas, though this thing apparently worked, it is not a product but an art project for a show. And it's from 2004. Also, it only sends e-mail, not receives it in the version shown.

It apparently was made because someone's mother just wouldn't do e-mail, wouldn't get a computer. A thought which some of the commenters on Gizmondo didn't get. (sigh)

But if it really worked, and in both directions, I know a mother who could use this. (sn*rt)

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We Shoulda Been There

We talked about going to Finland this summer and celebrate Mrs. Dr. Phil's Fiftieth in Helsinki and go to Finncon 2007. Alas, uncertainty about university budgets meant uncertainty about contracts and things, and whether to spend the money, and... We didn't go.

But check out Ellen Datlow's photos from Finncon -- links found on Locus Online.

We went to Finland in 2003 -- and we want to go back. The slide shows bring back strong memories -- it LOOKS like Finland. (grin)


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