November 8th, 2007


Inside The Silver Lining

Results From The Q3 WOTF Contest Are In

And my Finalist story remains that -- a Finalist story. But... that's still quite an achievement as I now have TWO Finalists (Q1 and Q3) which are eligible for inclusion in the next Writers of the Future anthology. You can't play without an admission ticket and I have two. Next level for those two stories is seeing if one gets in. OR... my Q4 submission gets into the Finals and has a chance for a prize, too. I think my Q4 story is strong, too, and I've seen reports of Q4 Honorable Mentions getting posted on the web, so no news right now is good news.

On The Other Hand

Enough about me -- the REAL news is that fellow 2004 Clarion compatriot albogdan, who was also in the Finals with me, managed to score a Prize!

2nd Place --- Al Bogdan of Huntington Woods, Michigan for his story
The Girl Who Whispered Beauty

I've been cheerfully spreading around the news of Al's great success within our merry little Clarion band, and finally have a few minutes before PHYS-1150 to let the blog know, too. Al writes lovely stories and I'm pleased as punch that he gets a prize and the recognition.

Of course I've been having to badger him to keep submitting to WOTF each quarter for a while, and now that he's won, I don't have a submitting buddy any more. (grin) Still, now that his award winning calibre writing is out of the way, can victory be mine? Only the future will tell -- stay tuned.

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