November 21st, 2007


The Tertium Quid

Exit The Third Alternative

A couple of years ago I subscribed to the premiere U.K. science fiction magazine Interzone. When there was a change of ownership and editors, I guess along the way I decided to get a dual subscription with both Interzone and its sister magazine, The Third Alternative. They weren't the same, they both had a different feel, but it was hard to characterize. I was impressed with new editor Andy Cox saying that if you submitted a story to one, it would be considered for both. Nice.

But then TTA Press went to retool The Third Alternative. To make it more distinctive from Interzone -- make it darker. The Third Alternative was to become Black Static.

Enter Black Static

Today at the P.O. box I was surprised to see a copy of Black Static. Turned out it was Issue #1. I thought it'd been out for a while, but then I guess during its relaunch as Black Static, what I'd been reading about had to have been advance review copies. What with shipping from the U.K., having Black Static 1 dated September 2007 made a lot of sense.

I noted that there was a number "3" on my mailing label. I guess this is the rest of my old subscription for The Third Alternative, good through Black Static 3. Given the vagaries of the publishing business, I'll allow myself a nice fuzzy warm feeling about all this.

And One Shout Out

Andy Cox has a nice opening editorial, saying roughly there was no excuse for the delay, but thanking everyone for all the nice support. And then he listed a whole lot of authors who'd be showing up in future issues. Including one Clarion 2004 classmate:

Coming up we have stories by Melanie Fazi, Steve Rasnic Tem, Scott Nicholson, Matthew Holness, Lynda Rucker, Tony Richards, Cody Goodfellow, F. Brett Cox, Trent Hergenrader, Bruce Holland Rogers and others.

Yay, Trent!

I've only had time to read a couple of the columns, which talked about some cool films I didn't know about yet. I'll have to read some of the fiction this weekend.

But hey -- that's one cool looking fly on the cover.

Dr. Phil
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