December 1st, 2007


Hanging Around By The Gallows...

The Storm Cometh

The Sunday-Monday storm forecast earlier in the week looks to be a Saturday-Sunday storm. Was supposed to have arrived around 4pm, but it's dark outside and I'm busy on the computer. All I know is that west of Chicago last night was a big blob of white -- with a mean pink band in the middle of it. Pink means ice, sleet, crap. They were forecasting slippery roads and power outages. Our backup generator is lurking outside the house, just in case.

Part of the trouble is that great hysteria can be generated, which seems more to be involving ratings that actual knowledge transfer. Sigh. One of the computer models is forecasting 13", but the meteorologist doesn't trust it. But he WILL tell you about it. Uh-huh.

To be fair, this time of year is great trouble on the highways as people forget how to drive on ice and snow. When we lived in the U.P., the locals used to assure us that by Christmas all the stupid drivers would have their cars wrecked and they'd be off the roads as the body shops got all backed up. (grin) Of course our big winter wreck in 1984 was two days before Christmas... but it wasn't my fault! Two other cars were already blocking the road when we came over the hill at reduced speed in the dark and the snow and -14°F weather.

Anyway, if this is the big storm and the Monday forecasted snow isn't, then at least it shouldn't affect too much my ability to get to classes on Monday -- start of the last week of classes for Fall 2007. Too important a week to have a snow day. (grin)


Can we get the damned phones out of the faces of car drivers? I swear that my next car accident is going to take place in a parking lot as people drive away with only one hand on the steering wheel and yakking to God knows who about "how they're just leaving". They are NOT paying attention to their driving situation and those around them. Period. End of story.

Looked Outside

Hmm, wind picking up.

Yup. There's flakeage out there. About 37% of the back deck has a thin coating of dry snow.

Dr. Phil
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