December 9th, 2007


The End Of An Era

It Had To Happen Sometime

Grand Valley State University has dominated NCAA Division II football for several years now. In 2005 and 2006, I wrote about GVSU beating Northwest Missouri State University twice for the D-II National Championship.

Undefeated, not just in regular season play, but riding a 40-game winning streak, GVSU met the Northwest Missouri Bearcats once again, but this time in Maryville MO for the D-II Semi-Final game. Alas, the only live Laker football game I watched this year, thankfully on ESPN2 last night, 9pm to 12:34am, didn't quite go Grand Valley's way.

Wikipedia is already updated:

The Lakers claimed the GLIAC crown with a 9-0 conference record this season. This was GVSU's third straight conference title and the first time in school history the team has won three GLIAC titles in a row.

GVSU also set the DII Football record for longest consecutive win streak at 40 games.

Dec. 8th: GVSU's win-streak was snapped when they lost at Northwest Missouri State in the Division II National Semifinal game. It began as a close game with Grand Valley leading 13-10 at halftime. The Lakers pulled within one, 16-17, late in the third quarter on Justin Trumble's third field goal. After NWMSU kicker Tommy Frevert made one from 22 yards early in the fourth quarter and Xavier Omon scored on an 11-yard pass 2 1/2 minutes later, the Bearcats were up 27-16. Five plays later, Omon broke loose for a 98-yard touchdown run with just over 9 minutes remaining. Final score: GVSU 16, NWMSU 34

Game totals: GV's Brad Iciek threw for 273 yards and a touchdown and an interception on 23 of 42 passing. The Bearcat's Xavier Omon was the biggest factor in the game, running for 292 yards and four touchdowns.

If the Lakers meet the Bearcats again next year, at least Xavier Omon will have graduated and will not be a factor.

GVSU ends the season with a 12-1 record.


There was some discussion in the local press that I didn't take the time to follow, but despite their impressive record, Grand Valley got seeded second in their playoff region, which set up the chance that they might not have home field advantage through the semi-final games. And though the Bearcats were ranked lower, somehow they got home field -- and their home crowd was a huge factor, causing a whole slew of false starts. Ah well, too bad.

This is not the end of the world and the team looks to be in good shape for next year. GVSU and North Dakota State, the last team the Lakers lost to, played ping-pong in title games for a couple of years, too.

Good job for a good season, guys!

Dr. Phil
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The End of an Era II

It Had To Happen Someday

The Thanksgiving stuffing ran out.

I've been working my way through a Tupperware container of white meat from our lovely little 11.5 lb. Thanksgiving Friday bird, and there's maybe one more sandwich left. We have some gravy left, which will be used on leftovers of today's chicken with bulgar recipe on Monday. The pumpkin pie didn't last the weekend, of course, though thank the gods we still have Edy's Pumpkin Pie ice cream.

No, Mrs. Dr. Phil realized there was still a hunk of stuffing left from the Auxilliary Stuffing Overflow loaf pan. We cut it in half and I put a slice of lovely sagey stuffing in my turkey sandwich for lunch today. Oh my yum.

Sure It's Overkill

Uh, a slice of baked bread stuffing inside a sandwich made of two slices of bread? But of course! I know people who put mashed potatoes in turkey sandwiches -- and/or cranberries. It's also once a year. So th-bttt!

There Is A Future

Of course Christmas dinner sounds like we're roasting a 7.5 lb. capon, with the sage dressing -- and pumpkin and mincemeat pies. Ah, there is a reason to make it through the slog of writing exams and grading. (grin)

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