December 12th, 2007


It's The Holidays -- Everyone Is A LIttle Bit Loopy

Nice To Know

WMU Today is the online newsletter at Western Michigan University. They give helpful writing tips at the end of each issue. Today's tip:

Writing tip--Do not capitalize a partridge in a pear tree or two turtledoves, but do capitalize three French hens. French is a proper adjective, referring to or characteristic of France, its people, culture or poultry. WMU Today returns in 2008. Happy Holidays.

But wait, mon cherie, zee fries they are not French, they are Belgium, no?

Country French Bread

This last piece of nonsense actually came out this morning, as I made my sandwich for lunch. I'd bought this loaf of Koepplinger's Country French bread and was commenting to Mrs. Dr. Phil that I'd bought it because I'd already tried various breadmaker's (pseudo) German, Italian and Dutch breads, but I was sure the French would object.

Zees eez not French bread! Eet is some sort of bastard American white bread, no? There eez no crunchy crust, no long baguette, no aroma, no eet eez never packed in a plastic bag -- eet eez not French bread. No Frenchman would stand to eat such a thing!

Anyway, it makes a nice sandwich with a slice of processed American cheese, a cut up hot dog and some Heinz ketchup.

Sacre bleu!

Dr. Phil
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