December 21st, 2007


It Scares Me

Did You Know...

We went out to do some errands, and coming home there was a large semi-truck parked in the right hand lane near our driveway. Also a big forklift, with blinking yellow light. Turns out it was a big FedEx truck. And what they were delivering was big 52-gallon drums. Two of them, shrink-wrapped to a wooden pallet.

Didn't know you could FedEx Ground big drums of stuff. No reason to know it, I suppose. Wonder if Tony Soprano know about this?

One of the drums was painted red, not sure about the other one. Couldn't quite tell what sorts of diamond warning labels were on them.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Of course the neighbors getting this delivery were the same people who live a couple hundred yards behind us who burned down their business pole barn a couple of winters ago, with flames shooting up high into the night sky and the concussive sound of propane and welding gas tanks exploding. For all I know it's a drum of nitromethane and another of finely divided powdered aluminum and iron... Though perhaps FedEx has policies on shipping explosive and potentially explosive materials.

Or else it's heavy axel grease. And lard. You never know.

Dr. Phil
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