January 5th, 2008


Big News

It's A Non-Winning Winner!

Just took a phone call from the Writers of the Future contest administrator.

There will be TWO 2004 Clarionites published in the WOTF anthology this summer. albodgan Al Bogdan had a Second Prize winner from the Q3 contest and now I will be the sole published Finalist, also from the Q3 contest. So I'll also be getting an invite to the WOTF event this summer and presumably will be paid for the publication in the anthology. Al will have one official heckler at the event. Don't have a date yet for the WOTF event -- they are looking to change the dates so they won't have to compete with WorldCon for Locus space. (grin)

My story will be "A Man in the Moon", just over 14,000 words. This story first made it out in the world a month before Clarion at just under 3000 words and has grown up over the years. (double-grin)

Just five days into the new year and a sale already. Yay!

Dr. Phil
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