January 6th, 2008



Going To Be A Sloppy Start

Despite the unfortunate naming for January in Michigan, tomorrow starts the Spring 2008 Semester. Through New Year's Day we had lots of pretty snow falling -- but Kalamazoo got a lot more. I went to the office on Thursday and it looked like a overly frosted wedding cake.

Today the temperature has soared into the 50s and up here, all the snow is gone. Our driveway is soft, squishy and waterlogged mud. I can only imagine that campus is going to be a slushy mush.

No, Don't Tell Me That

Well, it's a new year and I've already carped about the weather, so let's talk about gasoline pricing. (grin) First of all, the New Year has brought us to the realm of $100 a barrel oil. Anyone out there still think there isn't a serious problem regarding (a) fossil fuels and (b) the value of the American economy?

Last week I saw a report saying that "by April" we'd have $3.75/gallon gasoline. Oh come on, don't say that. As soon as you say that, it's gonna happen. It's like you have given permission to jack up the prices. And they have -- on Friday gas in Allendale MI was up to $3.35.9/gal for regular. I'll be paying $3.75/gal long before April -- you heard it hear first. Sucks.

Another Sign Of Impending Doom

Well, I should've seen this coming. There was an ad on TV for the Speedway chain of gas stations slash convenience stores, and they were promoting Shockwave Energy Coffee. Google turned up nothing but other bloggers -- even the Speedway website is mute on the subject. My guess is that someone decided to take "energy water" and use it to make coffee. Great. Wire up people even more, then exhaust their ability to reason or maintain heart rates or blood pressure levels within acceptable levels.


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