January 12th, 2008


Change Back

An Opening Shot

First, a disclaimer. I've been thinking about this post in my mind for a couple of weeks, and I'm finally committing it to electrons, magnetic fields and waveforms. Thinking about it didn't involve writing a draft, mind you, so I'll probably feel that this isn't as convincing as I'd like. But you can insert the passionate depths of my sincerity -- it's real.

Second, this a long post with two themes. If the first doesn't interest you, skip downward and maybe I'll still be able to make my point.

So... right now I'm watching NFL Playoff games on Saturday night. It's January and so college football is over and we've passed through the Wild Card weekend and now have the real playoff teams to contend with. Saw the tail end of the Green Bay game in a snowstorm and Bret Favre giddy as a kid on the field and the sidelines. Now New England is trying to prove that 16-0 wasn't a fluke. Next week is gonna be fun.

So... how many of you out there had a good end to the college football season? Seriously.

New Year's Day
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As far as I'm concerned, I'd go back to the old ways and have a lovely football filled New Year's Day. And a Rose Bowl which doesn't care about the outside world. Sure, the lower divisions of NCAA football have national championship playoffs -- witness Grand Valley State University's recent showings in the last several Division II series. But the big Division I conferences are so different, that I don't think such a playoff and championship would really settle anything or satisfy anyone. Do we really need MORE of a production of football factories pretending to be college students?

I say the debate will never be satisfied, so let others argue about the MNC if they want.

Primary Madness
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Frankly, I don't mind Iowa and New Hampshire going first. Someone has to, and having wintery states is a good thing. Left to themselves, those wanting to script an election would shoot only from warm, sunny locations. And small states means small politics. You can still drive around and visit people. Reporters still interested in filing a STORY instead of a sound bite can tag along and report on the dialogue between citizens and candidates -- and not carefully controlled rallies of only the faithful. And lesser known candidates have a chance with a small organization.

Change Back

Football or Primaries. There are forces who want to script this stuff to make money (football) or control the story (elections). Call me whatever epithet you want -- I want things put back to where they worked. Not this crap today. Period.

Give me back New Year's Day. And give me back the old long primary season...

Dr. Phil
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