January 14th, 2008



I Hab A Cold

Odd, this seems to be a perfectly straight cold. I've had these sinus things so often, it is refreshing to have something which doesn't involve turning my head into solid concrete. (grin) Running a fever on Sunday, I called in sick and canceled my class for Monday. Better Monday than later in the week.

I always tell my students not to bring back germs from break -- and that if I catch the person who gets me sick, they'll flunk. I don't think they're quaking in their shoes enough. Really.


Finally got around to upgrading my LiveJournal to a paid account. And it immediately broke my journal design and I had to hack around the settings to make it look right again. Hopefully things will look all right for y'all.


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Things You Might Want to Read


David Langford of the U.K. writes a marvelous SF column that appears online here and also a column in the U.K. SF magazine Interzone. Langford has had quite a lock on the Hugo award for the best fan category for a long time.

I have to quote this little snippet from the current issue:
• Mike Glicksohn passes on a Sidney Coleman story: 'Sid was late for a panel at a physics conference but as he walked in one of the panelists said, "I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that question." Sid replied: "I do. What was the question?" You had to love the man.'


Dr. Phil
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