January 16th, 2008


Second Sale of the Year


In battling my "spring" cold -- okay so it's officially weird for WMU to call January in West Michigan Spring Semester -- I neglected to mention my second sale of the year. My very short story "Giant Cicadas and Other Odd Indignities" has been picked up for Southern Fried Weirdness Online for a token payment. This was originally my Week 4 story at the 2004 Clarion workshop, where it crashed and burned -- I think most everyone hated it for one reason or another. But when I saw there was a market called Southern Fried Weirdness, I realized I knew what I had to do to this story and that I figured it could find a home there -- and I was right. (grin)

Should be up in about two weeks -- I'll be posting all the good details when they come.

Y'all take care now, y'heah?

Dr. Phil
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Final Comments on Michigan

Whatta Buncha Rubes

The local and national media types certainly had some things to say about Michigan and the results from the Democratic non-primary and the Republican's semi-primary.*** Clinton won for the Blue Team, for what it's worth, and Romney won for the Red Team. On the other hand, Uncommitted Delegates got about 3/4 of Hillary's totals and well over the 15% threshold, so that "should send a message", while Romney got about 1/3 again as many votes at McCain, who got twice what Huckabee got. Low voter turnout was credited to "significant snow". Huh? They got six inches in Northern Michigan and that's significant? This is why you need to have some early primaries in places like Iowa and New Hampshire, so that reporters from New York City and L.A. won't say ridiculous things about the weather. (grin)

Local Boy Makes Good

One wonders how many hometown-slash-favorite son advantages a candidate can have. Mitt Romney touted his Michigan roots and that his father was a three-time governor. But I'll bet he'll also claim being a homer in Massachusetts, where he was governor, and probably Utah, where he led the 2002 Olympics. Hillary Clinton can likewise claim Illinois, Arkansas and New York.

Dream On

Mark Brewer of the Michigan Democratic Party keeps insisting that the DNC will capitulate and seat the Michigan delegates. He also is "sure" that it won't matter because someone will have 50% plus one delegate before the convention. Also that Michigan will be considered key in the general election and that the state will be "flooded" by appearances by the candidates. Yeah, right. I'm holding my breath on that one. As I said in my piece the other day, I think the candidates will want to avoid talking about Michigan and its economic problems, because they have no idea of what they can say which would actually help. And I am not so sure that we'll have hard decisions in either party before the conventions.

Ah campaigns -- the stuff made from dreams...

Dr. Phil

*** I knew that the Republican National Committee did not impose the same "death penalty" as the DNC, but I wasn't sure what penalty they had put on the Michigan results to penalize the state for moving its primary "too early." Turns out they cut half the delegates, hence the moniker semi-primary. (grin)
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