January 23rd, 2008


I Wish

Some Thoughts About Candidates, Past and Present

I wish Barack Obama hadn't done a real estate deal with the wife of a guy who now is going to be on trial.

I wish the genuine and emotional Hillary Clinton didn't look like some kind of wide-eyed weirdo during meet-and-greets.

I wish John Edwards didn't stand around wondering why no one is listening to what he has to say.

I wish Rudy Guiliani could campaign on something other than subject-verb-"9-11".

I wish Fred Thompson had actually campaigned on something.

I wish Mike Huckabee could be a populist candidate without the theocratic dream schtick.

I wish Mitt Romney could make up his mind.

I wish I hadn't seen an Al Gore 2008 bumper sticker on an office door today.

I wish Ron Paul made sense a higher percentage of the time.

I wish I could remember who some of the other candidates, active and inactive, were.

As Goes Michigan, So Goes Florida

Heard a quote from someone in Florida complaining about the DNC's "death penalty" for moving their primary too early. "We're too big and too important..." Uh, (a) you knew what the penalty was before you moved the primary, just like Michigan did and (b) you did it anyway. So (c), get over yourself. No one in the rest of the nation wants to here how "big and important" Florida is. Not amongst the Dems. Especially after Al Gore 2000. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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