February 1st, 2008


The Other Half Of A Snow Day

February Brings...

On Wednesday I talked about invoking a personal snow day as GVSU closed, but WMU did not. 500+ school closings or delays, including places that rarely ever close like Hope College which is pretty residential, but WMU stayed open. The roads were far too icy to try, though. Thursday it was slow going -- a good thing -- but passable on the way down. Coming back, the Thursday night/Friday heavy snow storm had already moved into Kalamazoo in the afternoon.

I guess Western got some flack for remaining open, because the university posted a reiteration of the official school closing policy, which included this talk tough self-congratulatory note:

Assume WMU is open

In the absence of notification to the contrary via one of the official methods listed above, all normal operations will continue as scheduled. Assume WMU is open. University closings due to severe weather are very rare. In the past seven years, the University closed for an entire day only twice.

Is it mean, cynical, disloyal to wonder how much bodily and property damage that faculty, students and staff have incurred on those days over seven years? Or problems with those with kids when the K-zoo area schools close, too?

... Snow On Top Of Ice

Friday morning rolled with real problems on I-96 and I-94. But in Allendale and Grand Rapids, most things were still open, with only about 250 closings. But at 7am I saw on Channel 3 a "Just In" announcement that Western Michigan University was closed today.

I, for one, am glad our new Snow Day overlords are looking out for us today.

In the past seven years, the University closed for an entire day only twice thrice.

Dr. Phil
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