February 2nd, 2008



It's Ba-ack!

My three longtime readers will know that I've been Highly Recommending meritahut's "swords & sandals" Roman epic comic SPQR Blue for some time.

Well, after taking the month of January or so off, Klio is back with new story.

We're in Chapter IV: Last Days, which considering this takes place near a certain grumpy mountain named Vesuvius means... well, we'll just have to wait and find out, eh?

Anyway, if you have seen this before -- or had stopped looking during the hiatus -- check out SPQR Blue.

Dr. Phil

Introducing dr-phil-physics.com

It's 02.02.2008

... and it's here! The beginnings of dr-phil-physics.com, the Official Webpage of Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon.

You'll Notice On The Left

... from the dr_phil_physics main LiveJournal page, there's a handy link to dr-phil-physics.com .

It's Not Finished

... not by a long shot. But I promised myself that I'd get the webpage started on 02.02.2008 -- a nice date that means the same thing on both sides of the oceans -- and with yesterday's snow day, I was able to keep that promise.


Dr. Phil
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