February 5th, 2008


Once Agan, With Feeling

What Happened A Week Ago?

Rain, freeze, snow = impassible roads. Check. We got that coming tonight. Okay, so it's not a pure re-run, we don't have the wind this time. But WZZM-TV13 is calling this "the worst storm of the winter so far." Apparently Grand Rapids has had 65" of snow already this winter, and a poll of the TV weather people in the fall projected 65-72" of snow, except one guy who had 80" and is now suggesting 90". We'll see.

Anyway, there is a possibility of another snow day, real or unofficial, tomorrow.

If only the weather was a lot colder -- if this was happening at 12degF, we'd just get a bunch of snow and it'd be plowed. But it's too warm too often -- rain and 40degF is hell on melting, especially when followed by another freeze. In addition to having some serious winter, we're also seeing some breakup on the roads. An 8-foot chunk of I-96 broke apart during rush hour yesterday.

Doubled Up

Last Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, I did NOT put out our garbage can, due to the heavy gusty winds. So it's nice that there isn't any wind right now, because the can is full with two bags of garbage, plus its recycling week. On the other hand, when I took it out to the road it hurt, because I was being pelted by sharp ice crystals.

On the other hand, we've got two new episodes of House tonight. The one scheduled at 9pm EST and the one taped from after the Super Bowl, which didn't even start at the so-called non-standard scheduled time of 10:15pm EST. Haven't they figured out that you cannot come up with a schedule that accommodates a football game? (grin)

Anyway, tomorrow will dawn a new day. What happens will happens. Good luck to all you, wherever you have to drive.

Dr. Phil
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