February 6th, 2008



Fat Thursday/Tuesday Comes Again

Mrs. Dr. Phil said that if I passed by the grocery store on the way home Tuesday, I should see if they had any Pączki. Specifically, I was on the lookout for Prune Pączki with powdered sugar, not glazed.

If you think these are just jelly doughnuts, you're never tried to lift a box of Pączki. These suckers are heavy. And tasty. Thank goodness they only come out once a year.

Sometimes we can find packages of just two. But I had to settle for a box of six this year -- that's 1½ pounds of Pączki. Oh well. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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Post Super Duper Tuesday

Some More Musings On Political Candidates

Hillary last night talked about how her mother was born before women had the vote. At the Barack rally, one voter commented about how she used to have to pay a poll tax to vote. Huh. I guess you really do have to go three generations deep to see real change.

McCain winning in blue states. Hillary winning in blue states. Not the states of the faithful for the one and wasn't enough states for their party in the last elections for the other. Huh.

Last week the rhetoric went that by Ash Wednesday both parties would be settled on their candidates, before the traditional dates of when primaries should be held. Today, not so sure.

We're going to have to wait out, what, six months before the brokered conventions in both parties?

In the run-up to Super Tuesday, some reporters would at least mention Gravel. So far in the current coverage, not one comment. On the other hand, Ron Paul has been invisible on the Republican side, yet he appeared in the graphics on MSNBC last night, assigned a color, which was then absent from the map of states, as he hadn't taken any states.

MSNBC had these little countdown clocks for when states were going to close polls. When they had Idaho with 42 seconds to poll closing, they already had results for Idaho popping up, with a projected winner. Did Idaho close up shop early? (grin)

I am pleased to see robust primary turnouts nationwide for both parties, even with an election cycle which started too early, has gone on too long, for primaries which got scheduled way too damned early. And despite wall-to-wall coverage, people are still interested. Why, even the reduced field debates are getting big ratings on cable.


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