February 7th, 2008


Speaking of Lent

Attack of the Big Food

Longtime readers of this blog will know that I bring fast food restaurants to mock for creating ever bigger foods for an apparently starving and malnourished America. However, this week I've seen two different assaults on that beloved of Lenten food substitutes, the fish sandwich.

First Up

Arby's has had various combinations of products for $5, but the latest version starts off with Two Fish Sandwiches For Five Bucks. Because, as you know, Man can't get by with eating just one fish sandwich, so Let's Eat Two.

Or maybe you share. (grin)

Second Stage

And now the 800-lb. gorilla of the fast food industry has, ahem, weighed in. They are now offering a Double Filet O' Fish. Maybe McDonald's has had this before, I certainly wouldn't have noticed. But if you've been forced to give up your Big Mac, Double Quarter Pounder -- or from the competition, the Double and Triple Whoppers -- rest assured, your ability to cram too much food between two bun halves and tamp down directly into your gullet, has not been infringed.

What a relief. You might have had to order two or three Filet O' Fish, but all that extra carbohydrates from the extra bun? Not for those on a careful diet in this fat day and age.

Irony abounds here.

Dr. Phil
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