February 10th, 2008


White Out

Horizontal Snow

Yet another severe winter storm is wafting across West Michigan, if winds of 38 mph gusting to 52 mph can be considered wafting. It's 5degF with wind chills of -15degF right now. Technically the winter storm watch is over, but the wind and drifting will continue through the night. So much for trying to clear our 250-foot driveway today.

Not sure if we'll be able to drive out in the morning or not. I've warned my 11am class already. (grin)

End of an Era

Last Sunday they revamped the comics section of The Grand Rapids Press again. Just a few years ago when they got the fancy new German presses and the new building up by Walker on I-96, they expanded the number of funnies and had a big ballot for choosing what stays or goes. Not an easy choice for a paper to make. The other month they tried to get people to select which of the two crossword puzzles to keep, the easy one or the hard one, and the public said BOTH. Probably too many of them are parents and knew how to set up a false dichotomy to a child and they weren't buying it.

So to their credit, all they did this time was reduce the size of the comics, so they could get what used to be on two sheets of newsprint in six pages, onto one sheet with four pages. I was sure there'd be bitter letters to the editor, but unless they showed up in Saturday's paper which I haven't read yet, the public has been silent -- or the paper isn't telling.

Realistically, eliminating one printing, one cutting and one collating should save the paper some money. And I think people understand that.

Start of an Era... or an ERA?

Magic words in today's Sports section:

(Detroit) Pitchers and catchers report on Thursday...

Despite these series of odd storms, punctuated by huge freeze-thaw-melts in between, Spring shall one day come.

Dr. Phil
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