March 20th, 2008


The Thermonuclear Pizza

On Stinking Roses

Every now and then the staff at the library where Mrs. Dr. Phil works decides to hold a Garlic Fest. It began a few years ago when some garlic devotees discovered that others amongst them didn't do garlic or had never seen garlic or didn't know garlic came in any other form than salt. So Garlic Fest was a fun way to (a) introduce garlic to some and (b) binge out on garlic for others. It also makes the library reek for the day. Mmmm... garlic.

Mrs. Dr. Phil mentioned that there'd be another Garlic Fest on Thursday -- there hasn't been one in a while. But between coming down with whatever creeping crud is going around and having to go and introduce an author as a part of the campus "one book" program, she just couldn't come up with something easy to make and bring.

Enter The Pizza

So naturally I suggested that since one of the fine ingredients that Joe Chicago's Pizza has in their list is "fresh garlic", that I would be happy to pick up a garlic pizza on the way home Wednesday.

What I actually ordered was: A medium Chicago-style stuffed pizza with double fresh garlic and also roasted red peppers. Had it been all for immediate consumption, I might have gone with the sliced tomatoes, but the roasted red peppers hold up really well. Anyway, with Mrs. Dr. Phil going out with the author to dinner, the deal was I'd bring home this pizza and have a slice for my dinner.

You don't have to get up too early in the morning or twist my arm too hard to have stuffed pizza. (grin) And I have to say that this thermonuclear of double-fresh-garlic pizzas was really quite extraordinary. Not a burny-hot garlic, but a very flavorful garlic. The guy who took my order assured me when I picked it up that he tried to stuff in as much garlic as he could. About halfway through my piece the serious sensation of garlic permeating everything really began to kick in. Double yum.

Of course, I understand that everyone has their likes and dislikes, and that not everyone will enjoy a slender slice of double-garlic heaven. But my response is the one near and dear to the members of my family -- More for me! (double-garlic-grin)

Dr. Phil
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