March 22nd, 2008


The Light! She Is Blinding!

Saturday, Easter Eve

With the snowstorm over, all the snow that can be seen in all directions is absolutely new and pure and white -- and utterly blinding in the brilliance of today's sunshine. Where they've plowed the roads, they are wet with a bit of leftover slush here in Allendale, elsewhere it is a slushy, soggy mess.

We ended up with probably 4-6" of snow accumulated. Holland MI to our south and by the Lake got 10". Kalamazoo got 14", with 13" on the campus of Western Michigan University.

Hopefully all my students got safely where they needed to go yesterday. And that the mess will clear up this weekend and all will get back safely for Monday. PHYS-1800 has an exam at 10am -- be there. Aloha. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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