March 26th, 2008


Can't Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs Do This?


It's been a few days since I logged into the Pure Spam (not it's real name) application which is the Hell that spam on my university e-mail gets deposited in. 394 spams over 20 screens. Yes, I could ignore it and it would all magically go away on its own. But since they implemented the new system, while it heroically traps spam, it (a) doesn't trap ALL the spam sent to my university e-mail and (b) sometimes it sends something I WANT to read there. Bad spam filter!

So I go through it. Marveling at the senselessness of it all. I mean, who FALLS for this crap? Who buys expensive watches and things you'd ingest for whatever purpose from someone who randomly sends you junk e-mail? And can't spell?

The Silver Lining

There has to be some way to use e-mail spam as a force of good, and I think I've found it. Though I haven't done it yet, sometime soon I need to populate a new Fleet warship in my 29th century SF writing, and since left to myself I sometimes come up with lame character names... this next starship will have a crew populated entirely of Names From Spam.

Both the university Pure Spam filter and the Spam folder in Gmail list the sender's e-mail, and often it is the form of firstname.lastname @ So, if a million spammers, typing on a million computers, for a million seconds, come up with a million random e-mail names, which I can use as a set of crew members -- then my work is done. (grin)

Well, it's a thought, anyway.

Dr. Phil
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