April 1st, 2008


The Annual Report

In Case You Care

It's that time to search the Usual Suspects and see who is celebrating the holiday today. Ah, first up, our dear friends at Google Gmail.

Gmail Custom Time in a release pre-dated March 31.

Locus Online For The Win

Tuesday 1 April 2008
• Special Features

Locus Online's roving correspondents report the following developments and breaking news in this busy Spring of 2008...

» New Heinlein Novel to be Written
Immew Sill Chalazion reveals the existence of a previously unknown manuscript.

» Multiple Moorcocks to Receive Grand Master Award
Paoli du Flippi reports on the upcoming SFWA event.

» Doctorow releases self under Creative Commons License
Marshal Gegith has the details.

» Bravo TV Wraps First Season of Top Writer
Ferje Vedfamner has seen the first episode.

» Howard Waldrop Upgrades to Steam-Powered Typewriter
L. Ron Creepweans' advice pays off.

» VanderMeers to Assemble Anthology of Kincaidism
Flip Luppaidio looks at Jeff & Ann VanderMeers' latest anthology project.

» Final Martin Manuscript Triggers Mass Suicides at Bantam
Narceen Plowers was there when it happened.


Dr. Phil

UPDATE: Mmm, squid.

UPDATE: Jay Lake, Inc.? Didn't Heinlein have a character like this? Or am I thinking of Tom Clancy? (grin)
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