April 26th, 2008


The Four Seasons


Spring burst out suddenly in West Michigan. We didn't have any crocuses this year, either by the house or by the forsythia bush. Don't know whether they were eaten by desperate rabbits or whether the bulbs just died. We should probably plant some more bulbs this fall -- I like seeing crocuses bloom. Makes for a fine sign of spring. If we had a normal grass lawn, I'd plant some bulbs just throughout the lawn. (grin)

However, we did go straight into daffodils. Quite a lovely crop of happy yellow 'dils this year. And the forsythia is likewise covered in yellow. And to think that ten years ago we thought it'd died. Then there are our stunted, ragged line of a few surviving tulips, one of which has a long stem, the others ended up being dwarf stem tulips. Weird.


Not content to do warm in the 50s, 60s and 70s, we suddenly hit the low 80s on Thursday and then Friday soared up to 88degF. And muggy. A bit of rain fell and as I drove around on errands on Friday, I kept finding roads which were wet, but not any actual rain. Big change from Thursday when a hot strong gusty wind, following a couple of weeks without any rain had dried some grassy areas so that most of Michigan was on a Red Flag fire danger warning and one 1100 acre wildfire erupted further north around Grayling MI.

Of course Friday's heat and mug and rain came along with some fronts going through and I ended up with a maddening headache in the afternoon. Kept the house closed up, so it was much drier and cooler inside. Still in the 80s outside as late as 10pm when...


... fall arrived with a crash of thunder. Big thunderstorms and a twenty degree drop in temperature, followed by another twenty degree drop overnight. Awoke to a gray, wet, mid-40s day. Should've taken pictures of the happy yellow daffodils yesterday, they're still happy and yellow and daffodilish, but a little worse for the wear from being pummeled by the rain last night. Huh, guess summer is over and fall is here. Wonder if the leaves are going to change color before Monday.


On Thursday there were rumors of a hint of snow this weekend. This has now (a) moved to Monday and (b) some forecasts are using the word "accumulation." Ah, an entire year's worth of weather in one week. Welcome to Michigan. (double-faced-grin)

Back to grading papers...

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