May 7th, 2008


203 (snicker)

Another Milestone...

Part of this summer's projects is to actually finish a SF novel and start sending novel manuscripts to publishers. Opening up a whole new era of rejection. (grin)

To that end, there's not a lot of markets that take pieces longer than 20,000 words -- and not a lot that take 10,000 to 20,000 words either. So when an opportunity came to send in something novella length, 40,000 words, to a market, I decided to take that plunge.

Except that in the interim since I'd sent that story to the Barcelona novella contest, I had worked on it in preparation for taking it up to a novel and now I had a short novel of just under 47,000 words. I shipped it anyways, making it the longest story I've ever sent out to market.

... Sort Of

Of course it was rejected in less than twenty-four hours. (grin) For the moment, I'll never know if it was rejected solely on its own merits as a story or because despite being open, the market really wasn't looking for really long pieces right now. (double-trouble-grin)

Ah well, the lot of the writer.

Dr. Phil
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