May 28th, 2008


Sure Signs of Summer

What Could It Be?

The first 80 degree days in West Michigan? Naw, we had some of those in March or April last year. Gas setting a new record price? Naw, it does that all the time, not just at the start of summer. Driving around with the windows wide open? Naw, after a long winter, 55degF feels good. Debating about whether to turn on the AC so the bedroom will be cool enough to sleep? Naw, because you don't have to think about that when it's really summer.

No, The Winner Is...

The sure sign it is going to be summer is that the little ground squirrels on the campus of Western Michigan University have decided to come out of hiding and act like they own the damned place. I had one on Tuesday come running halfway across the one campus drive I use to get off campus, and the little bugger sat up and tried to stare down a 1996 Chevy S-10 4WD Blazer coming downhill at him at 25 mph. Only a the last moment did it decide to run back across the road, but it didn't even bother running for cover in the bushes. Probably sat there and gave me what-for as I drove by. During the regular school year there are too many people about and the ground squirrels dart furtively around trying hard "not to be seen." In the summer, This Land Is Ours they are saying to everyone and all.

Cheeky little furry bastards. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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