June 19th, 2008


Another Small Sale

Second Sale of the Month Club

58-day SALE of "Le Grand Bazar" to online fiction site Space Westerns.

Editor Nathan Lilly wrote that it was a "Very very very good story. Consider it accepted..."

My First Story

"Le Grand Bazar" was the first story I sent out into the wild back in June 2002. I wrote it for a space station story contest. Alas, they never got enough entries and so my First Submission anywhere, also became my first No Call in my scoring system.

"Le Grand Bazar" was also the first of my two Clarion application stories. I am very fond of it. At 5200 words, it has never been an easy sell, beginning life as really more of a vignette than a short story. Multiple people told me that "it's beautifully written, but it's not a story." So it's been through a number of revisions, workshopped at WisCon, commented on by my 2004 Clarion instructors, and now the tension has been moved around, so it resembles a real short story now, after eighteen revisions and six years. (grin)

I found out about Space Westerns from a news note on LocusOnline:

Thu 17 Apr 08 —
» SpaceWesterns.com celebrates its first anniversary with fiction by Cory Doctorow and A.R Yngve

Figured that if they'd made it to their first anniversary and reprinted a Cory Doctorow story with a nice intro comment by Cory, that perhaps there'd be people who would read it. And get to read "Le Grand Bazar"... at long last. (second-chance-grin)

Dr. Phil