June 24th, 2008


Shocked Some Students Today

Coming Back From The Final Exam...

... to work on getting points on previous papers, I had a couple of students ride up in the elevator with me. When one of them asked, "Is it boring sitting in front while we take tests?"

"No," I said. "It's terrifying. I worry about whether the test is too hard, or whether there's a mistake or typo or a phrasing which might mislead people. I worry about whether people are getting their points on the final (all told it's worth nearly one-fourth of the course grade). And I'm worried about where my grader is, because I don't know when he comes back from a conference in Romania and grades are due on Tuesday."

They were shocked that I would be sitting there worrying and nervous about all things -- and surprised that I was worried about them.

Added Value

I always try to lift the mysterious veil and let them see/understand how a course really works, because I usually have some students who are planning to be teachers. And also because lots of students don't have a clue as to how things work, and I don't believe it should be a big mystery. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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