June 29th, 2008


You Don't Know The Power Of The Force Of Habit

End of the Quarter

Every quarter since June 2002, I've had an entry to send of to the Writers of the Future contest. And while I'll have a story in the 24th WOTF anthology this August and get to go to the workshop and awards ceremony, as a Published Finalist I did not win a prize, so I still have my eligibility.

Okay, so that's a given.

It's also the end of the Summer-I Session at WMU -- the Final Exam was on Tuesday and grades are due this Tuesday at noon. And we have had some company this weekend. And some plays to go to. So time is tight.

And I have a new story which is about 70% done, I think, but needs some serious late night time to get it to work. I didn't think I really had much in the way of a "punt story", something else from my Invenstory which is (a) eligible for WOTF and (b) currently not out at any other market.

Hey, I did Clarion -- which began today so Get To It Guys -- I can do this.

Reality Check

Scree-eeech. My Q3 2008 WOTF story is already at WOTF. I'd forgotten that I'd sent in my story early, before the May postal rate increase, because I knew what story they were getting and waiting til the last minute would only interfere with grading and cost more money.

Of course I'd forgotten. I have a long history of Just-In-Time delivery -- why would I ship anything early? On the plus side, it was a historic entry as it was my 200th submission anywhere. So let's wish it well.

And now I have ninety days to get that new story whipped into superfine shape. (grin)

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