July 3rd, 2008


Dark -- Continuing Mostly Dark Until Sunday


A series of heavy thunderstorms trained across the lower part of Michigan on Wednesday 2 July 2008. The first one, tracking north of Muskegon, was moving at around 40mph and missed us. But it merged with a second storm moving at 60mph which was aimed right at us. As the winds picked up and the rains came at us at a steep angle, Mrs. Dr. Phil asked if I wanted to bet when or if we'd need the generator. I said that I didn't know when, but that sometime in this string of storms the power would go out and we'd be on our own.

Shortly after that, at 2:38pm EDT, the power went out. It was quite dark in the house. Six seconds later and the automatic backup generator came on.

I tell you, spending that money last summer was genius.

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No sooner had I started typing this entry at 10:05pm Thursday night, then the lights went out for two seconds. Not the laptop, of course, or the DSL/wireless on the UPS. But... huh? Went to the garage door and peeked inside. Two green lights, no red or flashing red. The power had already come back up and the generator shut down sometime in the past half hour. Not sure why the power glitch. Usually the transfer switch closes with a helluva thud and fast. But I didn't hear the switch, so I think that after the power was back on and stable it hiccuped due to something else. Or something momentarily brought it down. Anyway, 31+ hours on the backup generator and no error codes when it finished.


Dr. Phil
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