July 5th, 2008


Second-Quarter Report

2008 continues to be a banner year. In six months of 2008 I've made 38 submissions, which is more than half the 52 for all of 2007. And I've made multiple sales, including two new ones in this quarter. "In the Blink of an Eye" sold to Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine for early 2009 and "Le Grand Bazar" sold to Space Westerns. I am very proud to have found a market for "Le Grand Bazar" as it holds a special place for me. And I now have two stories which will appear in the pages of the outstanding Australian SF magazine Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine.

During most of this quarter I've had so many stories out in the field that if I didn't keep good records, I'd lose track of some of them! Between different markets having different requirements, tastes, lengths, as well as opening and closing to submissions, it does take some effort to figure out what story is eligible to send out next to what market. I point this out not to say "poor me" or whine about it, but to let other new writers know that it takes some time to get fifty-plus stories written and be able to maintain nine or more stories out in the world all at one time.

This summer quarter, however, will hopefully feature a bunch of new writing -- yay having lots of writing time -- both new stories, a new novel and finishing a number of older projects. Ha! (grin)

The Totals:

214 submissions (51 "wins" - 147 "rejects" - 6 "No Calls")
53 short stories written, 10 currently in the field
5 published: 3 in print, 2 web + 12 additional stories online
8 stories waiting to be published: 7 in print, 1 on web

Year          2002  2003  2004  2005  2006  2007  2008(06/30)
Submissions     8*   24    26    26    40    52    38*(21)
Returns         3    22    26    26    40    50    37 (20)
-- Wins         0     5    10     7     9    11     9 (6)
-- Rejects      2    15    15    18    30    39    28 (14)
-- No Calls     1     2     1     1     1     0     0 (0)
Number Out      5     7     7     7     7     9    10 (1)
  at year's end
New Stories     8     9    11     8     7     7     3 (1)
New Markets     6     9     8     6     9     6     7 (4)
E-submissions   2     2     2     6    19    29    24 (14)
Sales           0     0     0     1     0     2     4 (2)
Prizes          0     2     2     0     3     0     0 (0)
-- Honorables   0     1     2     0     1     2     2 (1)
Paid            0     1     0     1     2     1     1 (0)
Pending Publ.   0     1     2     2     3     5     8 (2)
Published       0     0     1     1     2     0     1 (0)
-- Print        0     0     1     1     1     0     0 (0)
-- Web          0     0     0     0     1     0     1 (0)
Other Publ.     0     0     0     0     1     7    12 (0)
dr-phil-physics                                     5 (0)
-- friday fiction     -     -     -     -     -     2 (0)
-- featured fiction   -     -     -     -     -     1 (0)
-- kids stories       -     -     -     -     -     2 (0)
                                     updated 07-05-08

* - Partial year stats for 2002 and 2008. Numbers in (parens)
    are partial stats for the last quarter.
(1) Wins includes Sales, Prizes, Honorable Mentions,
WOTF Quarter/Semi/Finalists even without publication,
plus Encouraging Letters from Editors which just cannot
be considered the same as a straight rejection.
(2) No Calls include Contests canceled, Publications
gone under, Manuscripts lost by the USPS, and Manuscripts
withdrawn after Way Too Much Time (usually associated
with Publications gone under).
(3) New Stories is only for stories shipped, does not
include all 2004 Clarion workshop stories or chapbook
stories sent to friends and family or Ficlets.
(4) New Markets are those first-time submissions for
Dr. Phil, not necessarily a new market in the industry.
(5) Honorables include Honorable and Laudable Mentions
which do not win a cash prize, but may be eligible for
print or web publication.
(6) Pending includes all currently unpublished stories.
(7) Other Publ. include short stories placed on blog
"A Rosebourne Christmas" for Christmas 2006,
and 7 very short stories at http://ficlets.com/dr-phil-physics.
(8) Other Publ. now includes stories posted on new website at

BIBLIOGRAPHY of Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon

1. "The Gravediggers" in CrossTIME Anthology Vol. III. 
Santa Fe NM: CrossTIME, 2004.  pp. 44-63.  (August 2004)
ISBN 1-890109-06-1

2. "The Pulse of the Sea" in Northwest Passages: A Cascadian 
Odyssey / edited by Cris DiMarco, hosted by Cascadian Con.  
Port Orchard WA: Fandom Press, the co-operative division 
of Windstorm Creative, 2005.  pp. 179-194.  (September 2005) 
ISBN 1-59092-185-2

3. "Boxes" in CrossTIME Anthology Vol. V.  
Santa Fe NM: CrossTIME, 2006.  pp. 132-147.  (September 2006)  
ISBN-13 978-1-890109-08-0

4. "Dead Forever" at Ralan's Web Spectravaganza; 2nd Prize 
2006 Grabber Contest.  Illustration by Teresa Tunaley.  (October 2006)

5. "Giant Cicadas and Other Odd Indignities" at 
Southern Fried Weirdness Online. (January 2008)

In no particular order, at the close of Q2 2008 I had stories out at:

-- Writers of the Future
-- Aeon Award (Ireland)
-- Analog
-- Asimov's
-- Darwin's Evolution
-- Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show
-- Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine
-- Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet
-- Nine (a comic and SF supplement to a Greek newspaper)
-- On Spec (Canada)

In addition, I have two pending stories at Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 
and one at Space Westerns, and then my WOTF Published Finalist will come out in 
the WOTF anthology in August.  My story in the Tangle Girls anthology from Nikki 
Kimberling's Blind Eye Books is now slated for Christmas '08.

Including three Laudable Mentions left over from the Tundra Prize, I currently have more stories waiting to be published (8) than I have published (5). And four stories awaiting payment. Besides the United States, I've stories submitted to Canada, Australia, Ireland and Greece.

I made it to one author event this quarter -- Jim Hine's booksigning at Schuler's on Alpine Avenue in Grand Rapids. I guess I'll be doing my first official booksigning event in August at the Writers of the Future Volume XXIV release party.

Despite vowing never to do so, I am behind in updating my website, http://dr-phil-physics.com . I can plead being busy, including teaching extra classes to help cover a pregnant colleague's section, and the fact that one story I was going to put online I sent out to "one more market" -- and it sold! But I'm also behind in putting up some reviews on this blog. Well, I'm off now, so maybe I'll catch up in the next few days. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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2008 Clarion West Workshop Woes

I Can't Believe This Happened

Passing on this news to anyone who might be in a position to help: The "other" big U.S. Clarion writers workshop, Clarion West, just started their six week run, only to have someone(s) break into the sorority house they are using as a base of operations and living/writing home for the workshop. Four of the writers' laptops were amongst the items stolen.

Comment on Cherie Priest's blog: ...the first thing I thought was not, "Oh, dear, how will they replace expensive computers?" It was, "Oh, dear, how many words did they lose?"

Details available here from Clarion West, as well as from Jay Lake, Cherie Priest and one of the participants here.

I'd Check On This First...

Comment on Cherie Priest's blog: ...I got a pretty quick "thank you but we now have it covered" email. They were very nice about it.

I have a very low tolerance for any sort of bad behavior where someone thinks that they can take anything as they choose, but this one is particularly hurtful. It's bad enough to be at something as intense as a Clarion workshop and have technology break down on you, but for someone to steal from what is probably 20-25% of the workshop their major means for writing is downright despicable.

I was very lucky when I went to the 2004 Clarion workshop then in East Lansing MI, because I'd been working full-time during the previous school year, so had built up some cash reserves and could easily choose to not teach either summer session. Others in our class quit their jobs as some of the 2008 Clarion West participants have, and given the costs of not working plus the workshop, it's not like you can just plunk down a kilobuck and replace a laptop on a whim, let alone having all the software and backups in place to put you back where you were before the theft.

This sucks big time and I am very sorry not to be in much of a position to help at the moment. I hope that the one comment was right and that they have some things in place already to help the writers -- though at least one writer had no backups of their work, as I understand it.

Dr. Phil
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