July 12th, 2008


A Major Sale

After We Got Haircuts...

... and looked at some slag and decided we could have our 240-foot driveway redone with slag -- really good drainage -- almost didn't go into town to check the P.O. Box. After all, I'd been there yesterday. But we had a second errand in town, so off we went.

The Bigs

Thin return envelope from Stanley Schmidt at Analog Science Fiction and Fact, plus a larger envelope from a name I didn't immediately recognize. Opened the expected rejection letter from Stanley, except that the usual typed half-sheet note began unexpectedly with:

Dear Dr. Kaldon,


YAY! I'm going to be published in Analog! Third sale in a little over a month. No doubt about it, 2008 is a banner year for Dr. Phil's writing -- and getting published. And (presumably) paid. (grin)

The Quadfecta?

I do believe now that our 2004 Clarion class has sold stories to all four of the "majors":

Analog Science Fiction and Fact
Asimov's Science Fiction
Fantasy & Science Fiction
Realms of Fantasy


We were going out to dinner at Steak 'n Shake tonight anyway... and so now I'm gonna have fries with that! (double-chuckle-grin)

Oh, that other envelope? Penny Publications is Dell which publishes Analog -- it was the contracts to be signed. That's why the SASE return from Stanley was just as thin as a rejection. (triple-word-score-grin) Moral of the story? Do not judge envelopes by their thickness.

Dr. Phil
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