July 14th, 2008


Wait A Second!

Whilst Wading Through Eight Screens of Spam

I don't want your expensive watches, real or fake. I don't remember you, because we've never met. I certainly am not interested in your 85% off sale, when the sender address is MY e-mail address -- I don't remember sending it to me. I don't want to look at pictures or videos of Britney Spears or some boob grabber caught on CCTV. I don't buy pharmaceuticals unless I have a prescription logged with a reputable pharmacist.

But after hawking tons of V1a6ra and other blue pills to me, as well as surefire methods for penis enlargements, why are you sending me spam on "breast enlargement"? I thought that was something ugly in those of us who are "overweight lose the fat fast" and "how can you believe you are healthy?"

I dunno. I just don't think a set of C- or D-cups is going to enhance the Dr. Phil image.

So just stop sending me this shit. Period. End of story. Even if I believed that any of it was legitimate sales, instead of nasty phishing and computer infection crap. Go home. Leave me alone.

Dr. Phil
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