August 3rd, 2008


August The 2nd And...

July Ends

For a month where I only "worked" half a day at the beginning of the month, as I finished my teaching contract for Summer I Session, July was a damned busy month. Also something of an odd month for weather. While I knew a lot of people beset by 100degF weather, we weren't nearly that hot. Oh, we were in the 80s and 90s, plus way too much humidity for my taste. But it was a lot hotter in July 2004, for example, when we sweltered in the sorority house during Clarion.

Not complaining, mind, just noting that weather is a capricious thing. (grin)

August Begins

And we're two days into August already, which brought me to travel out to one of our local farm stands in search of: (1) tomatoes -- it's time for tomato sandwiches Every Day This Week -- and (2) peaches -- because there is nothing like a warm, sweet, summer ripe peach.


In Broad Daylight No Less

Drove Mrs. Dr. Phil to the airport this afternoon -- she's off to Seattle this week, then we play tag team and I go off to L.A. for the WOTF event, assuming L.A. isn't leveled by aftershocks of last week's earthquake. Anyway, just north of the Grand Rapids MI airport, at the intersection of 36th Street and Paterson -- the collision of two five-lane highways -- just as we eased into the left turn lane on 36th Street heading west and waited for the light, we saw two critters crossing the wide street about half a mile further west. Two deer, or more rightly a deer and a large fawn.

What the hell were they doing strolling, stopping, then finishing their stroll across a road at 3:30 in the bright afternoon sunshine? Not a care in their brainless little furry heads.

What Will August 3rd Bring?

Oh, possibly pizza! (double-crust-grin)

Dr. Phil
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