August 13th, 2008


WOTF Day Three

What? Huh?

Time is very malleable when one is workshopping under these conditions. We started Sunday night by getting some readings and having some discussions with our instructors Tim Powers and K.D. Wentworth.

First night: (L to R) Al Bogdan (Clarion 2004), Tim Powers and K.D. Wentworth (instructors and head judge), Jemma EveryHope (Nikki and Dawn's goddaughter).

Now I have just finished the 24-hour short story challenge, with a little less than two hours to spare. I printed out at around 3:30pm PDT and we have until 5:30. It's actually a pretty good story, "Midnight on the Oasis", around 5000 words. Yay me.

I'd shipped my portable HP DeskJet 450 printer out here, so in addition to keeping me in printouts and final drafts, I am printing out for a few other people. Always amazing how a fresh ream of paper and a fresh black inkjet cartridge can make nice fresh printouts. (grin)

More, anon.

Dr. Phil

UPDATE: I should point out that we are all nearly too cheap to pay the outrageous $10/day for Internet in the hotel, but they turned it on for us for the 24-hour challenge. There is one free PC in the Business Center, but it is often busy. So I seem scarce, it's because (a) I am busy, (b) finally crashing and sleeping, (c) busy, or (d) not connected to the world at the moment. (double-edged-grin)
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