August 20th, 2008



Here Are The Winners

Ian McHugh of Australia - Gold Prize WOTF - picture from dandyfunk

Brittany J. Jackson of Detroit MI - Gold Prize IOTF

And Another Signing Moment

"Look -- your story is first, Dr. Phil," says Al.

"And my story is last -- another excellent placement. We're bookends."

Job Satisfaction -- A Book Well Signed

More later,

Dr. Phil
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2004 Clarion Represents

Amelia Beamer, one of the Locus editors.

A better shot of Amelia's blonde dreads, along with Mr. and Mrs. Tim Powers and the back of the head of an Australian illustrator.

And Yes, There Was Cake

Despite snickelish Sarah Edwards' protestations that she eats pie - there was cake, or at least the remains of one with Sarah and K.D. Wentworth.

And why was there cake? Because in the wee hours after winning the Gold Prize for WOTF, we found out it was Ian McHugh's birthday -- so that night there was cake.

(It was light, chilled and had strawberry goo between the layers. Very refreshing.)

Dr. Phil
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