August 28th, 2008


The Bug Sounds of August

Lazy Warm Sunshine

August has mostly been pretty mild. Quite a number of days with highs in the upper 70s and low 80s -- nothing like the beastly and humid 90s earlier and certainly not the humid 100degF temps my folks in Greensboro NC have had on and off all summer. Indeed, with our perpetual breezes and blue skies many days, it's been pretty damned nice. And though it has been drying out the weeds and those corn fields not being irrigated, the warm spell has prompted a billion bugs to sing all day and most of the night.

The Last Free Day

Naturally I've been booked up with lots of things to do in August. Coming home with the Australian cold from WOTF slowed up some days. Then I had some commitments on Monday and Tuesday -- and I have to get ready for teaching on Thursday and Friday. So today, Wednesday, was pretty much it. My summer reduced to one day.

So what did I do?

I drove Mrs. Dr. Phil's Blazer to Chevy and spent four-and-a-half hours in their business center while they did some repairs. (grin) Wait, it really does make sense. Because once we get going in the Fall 2008 semester, taking a vehicle in gets complicated. So, this is a treat. And besides, they have a pleasant little workspace and I took an old laptop and got two major things done, so this is good.

As for the repair, I'd noticed there was about a six-inch round oily spot on the garage concrete underneath Mrs. Dr. Phil's Blazer -- about where the rear differential would go. One does have to phrase things carefully, however, you can't just walk in and say to your wife, "Oh by the way, your rear end is leaking." (evil grin) So I told the manager of the service department that it looked like the rear differential was leaking something, and so we agreed it was probably the rear differential. Fixing the bad seal and throwing an oil change on the Blazer didn't cost enough, so I suggested they do a service on the 4WD transfer case -- turns out they had no record of it ever being done before, so just as well to take care of that little checkbox at 158,000 miles.

See? A perfect lazy August summer day. A free day for getting things done. And now there are some things I don't have to worry about.

At least until another lazy summer day.

Dr. Phil
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