September 17th, 2008


The News Clip File

As Long As They Spell My Name Correctly...

John Goodwin, President of Galaxy Press which publishes the Writers of the Future anthology, talked to us at the WOTF/IOTF workshops last month about publicity, interviews and news stories. The people at the contest work hard to promote us.

But I know that promotion like this is hard. How many newspapers or TV stations have heard of WOTF? Or know anything about Science Fiction writing? Or care about contest winners? (grin)

Out Of The Blue

So I was surprised the other day when John sent me an e-mail and said there was an article in the Grand Haven Tribune, and could I send him two copies of the print article for the clip scrapbooks that WOTF collects. Now I'd never actually seen or read a copy of the Grand Haven Tribune, but I told him I'd try.

Not to worry. There were people at the GVSU Library who found the article and brought it to Mrs. Dr. Phil at work.

Allendale man honored at sci-fi writing event
Wed, Sep 10, 2008

Dr. Philip Kaldon from Allendale was recently honored at the 24th annual L. Ron Hubbard Achievement awards at Author Services Inc. in Hollywood.

The event celebrated the annual winners in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contests, where Kaldon was one of 13 writers seeing their work published, making it further than some several thousand others who entered the international competition, and where he saw his story illustration published in the science fiction anthology series "L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume XXIV."

Alongside Kaldon were winners flown in from as far as Australia, Argentina, Russia, South Africa, Canada and across the U.S. who were treated to week-long workshops taught by contest judges.

Kaldon teaches physics at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo.

On the Net:

One Good Turn Deserves Another?

That article got the Google Alert to the Allendale reporter for the Grand Rapids Press, which we do get and he called me at my office at WMU. Had a nice interview and Monday the article appeared in the West Michigan A to Z local news section.

News briefs for September 15
Monday, September 15, 2008
Grand Rapids Press

A township resident and physics professor at Western Michigan University is one of 13 aspiring science fiction writers worldwide whose work will be featured in an anthology launched by late author L. Ron Hubbard. Philip Kaldon, 50, will see his short story, "Man in the Moon," published in "L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Vol. XXIV." Kaldon has submitted entries to the quarterly anthology since 2002. He flew to Hollywood, Calif., for a red carpet event in August. "It's a big validation," Kaldon said. "It lets you know that people who know what good science fiction writing is are willing to say, 'This is good stuff here.' "

So Two Clippings For John Goodwin

These are brief articles, the first presumably with information from WOTF and the second with my interview plus the first article as sources. Not bad.

I do wish I had remembered that the WOTF people had managed to get the Allendale Chamber of Commerce to write a letter of congratulations amongst the letters of proclamation they solicited for the other writers -- Allendale is a small township. We don't have a mayor. (grin) We like it like that. (double-grin)

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