September 23rd, 2008


Fall Arrives (Thud)

11:44am EDT

We're halfway between the Earth leaning forward towards the Sun and leaning backwards away from the Sun -- from an admittedly Northern Hemisphere perspective. My friends in Australia no doubt will welcome their planetary lean forward for the next six months. At least up until I hear someone Down Under complain that it's a humid stifling 44 degrees in Brisbane -- that's 44degC, in case you're keeping score. (grin)

Ram This Through Congress

The 700 Buh-Buh-billion to One Tr-tr-trillion dollar mind-numbing Wall Street bailout proposal -- first draft -- suggests that it needs to be enacted by Congress quickly, without hearings, and certainly without any allowable oversight or second-guessing by those pesky courts or Congress or other agencies.

Wait. Am I missing something here? Isn't lack of oversight how we got into this mess? Look I understand we can't afford to let Wall Street go down the toilet, despite its practitioners doing their damnedest to try, but I'm not really interesting in trading our future to reward the bad guys.

I've Got Gas

As usual, every two days. I heard that the last contracts for October light sweet crude jacked up to $120/bbl, while tomorrow's contracts for November oil will start at $108/bbl. This after oil had dropped down below $100/bbl last week. Meanwhile I paid $3.74.9/gal of regular this morning in Allendale -- by virtue of having a 20cents/gal off coupon from the grocery store. That means gas was really $3.94.9/gal. Which is roughly where it was at all the Allendale gas stations when I got home today, too.

On the other hand, regular was $3.79.9/gal in Kalamazoo. Which, had I been able to make it to K-zoo this morning (not actually a practical option), would have automatically given me fifteen of my twenty cents off coupon. Sigh.

But It's Fall!

Ah, autumn. Here in West Michigan the last week of summer was highs in the 70s and even upper 60s. The first week of fall will give us... highs in the 80s.

I want jackets, I want sweaters. I'm ready for a little jacket weather.

Dr. Phil
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