October 22nd, 2008


At Last!

Another One FINALLY Comes Out On DVD

For years I have lamented that the BBC/PBS miniseries Oppenheimer starring Sam Waterston hadn't been available in Region 1 DVD. In particular there's a scene in the first episode that I often describe to my students, about running into the edge of knowledge, but have always wanted to show. That's changed.

Just got an e-mail today from Amazon.com saying that Oppenheimer is now available. I'd forgotten they had a listing and that I'd clicked on the button to alert me to when it might become available.

You're welcome!

One Left To Go?

My all-time wishlist for DVDs had only a few movies on it, and I believe I am currently down to one: Until the End of the World. And I want access to the longer versions (5 hours, 8 hours, 20 hours!) and not just the 151 minute theatrical release. (sad grin)

Still, having all seven parts of Oppie will satisfy me for a while.

Dr. Phil
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