October 23rd, 2008


We're Number Two!

You Gotta Love A Collasping Economy

Since something like March 2007, Michigan has had the dubious honor of leading the nation in percentage unemployment. Thanks for buying all those Beamers and Toyotas! (grin) But today I learned that we have slipped. Rhode Island now leads the nation in unemployment rate.

They're like 8.8 percent and Michigan is 8.7 percent.

Of course, we have nine times their population and they're a tiny little postage stamp of a state, but come on -- a state's gotta have aspirations.

We're 49th! We're 49th!

Dr. Phil

PS - LJ's spell check doesn't have "Rhode"? Okay, now I officially feel sorry for Rhode Island and apologize for making fun of them in the above. Turns out LiveJournal is dissing them even more.
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