October 31st, 2008


Small Comments

Still Busy

Last weekend it was the rush to get Mid-Term grads calculated and posted, along with a bunch of other things. Now I have two exams to write for Monday -- both have been delayed from their original scheduled date. One is my fault, but the other class... (shudder)... worst exam performance as a class in 50 semesters of teaching. And this was a second-semester class! They should know better!

The Continuing Crises

Though people are worried about the economy, there's so much hidden damage which is going to take so many billions to either fix or prod banks to go back into doing REAL business, instead of that faux banking they've been driving themselves into the ground the last couple of years, that it's not like we can do anything about it.

The bank we got our mortgage some fifteen or so odd years ago we selected because they had a policy of not selling their mortgages. When National City bought First of America, we were worried, but they kept the loans in-house. Now National City is being bought up by PNC. No word yet on what's going to happen to our mortgage. Great -- NatCity is putting up a branch right in Allendale and we may or may not have a need for it. They did, however, put the big letters for "National City" on the building a couple of days ago. Guess they had the parts and the deal isn't done yet. (grin)

Pumping Down

Gasoline demand and prices have been steadily falling. There's been a series of mismatches between K-zoo and Allendale prices -- frequently as much as 20 cents a gallon. This morning, though, everyone was down to $2.28.9/gal to $2.29.9/gal. A friend in Oklahoma had a picture of a gas station down to $1.99.9/gal.

Was the two dollars more a gallon this summer just a dream? (NO! I hear the collected voices shout.)

You know, I didn't ever get around to posting it, but back in September I considered the possibility as gas prices fell that they'd drop down to about $2.15 - $2.20 by Election Day, then jack back up to $4.00/gal right after the Election. Looks like we're just about on target for the first part. Will my cynical guess about the second part hold true, too?

We'll just have to see, sports fans.

Dr. Phil