November 4th, 2008


Vote Early

Number 88

Allendale Township, anticipating a large voter turnout, moved from having two venues for voting at the township hall and the library out to the relatively brand new Second Reformed Church of Allendale, which has huge spaces available.

At just around 8am there was a huge line for, I think, Precinct 4 -- the raft of student apartments for Grand Valley State University. The GVSU Student Senate was going to rent a shuttle bus all day, but I saws gangs of happy GVSU students piling out of cars and trudging up and down the long driveway to the church. I took a chance and drove up to the parking lot and ended up in the second non-handicapped parking spot. When I came out, Mrs. Dr. Phil had just done the trudge up the long drive, figuring it was a gorgeous day for a walk, which it was.

For Precinct 3 there was no line, no waiting. It took longer to fill in all the bubbles for all the elections and ballot measures than any other part of the process. I was the 88th voter in Precinct 3 since 7am. The line for Precinct 4 went along two sides of the large activity room, but everyone seemed happy and the lines were steadily moving. Lot of cars turning in after 8:10am while I was leaving.

A Lovely Day For An Election -- Let's Play Two

Hey -- It's WZZM-TV13 way out here in Allendale. Interviewing all those GVSU students?

Parking lot full -- plus the drive to the back and down to the right all the way to M-45.

Look at the colors! What a great Fall 2008.

More and more voters -- and all those lovely yellows and golds.

Supposed to be in the lower 70s for a high temp today -- probably will set a Grand Rapids record for an Election Day.

Dr. Phil