November 26th, 2008


Another Story Coming!

Tangle Girls Off To The Presses

A pleasant surprise tonight as I bopped over to Blind Eye Books and found that not only are they now taking pre-orders for Tangle Girls, but:
November 25, 2008: Tangle Girls is off to the printer's today!

We're happy to announce the imminent publication of Tangle Girls, our anthology of lesbian short speculative fiction. We've got a great line-up of authors and a beautiful cover by the inestimable Sam Dawson.

I am very proud of my story "Under Suspicion". For years I have been pondering a story about the difficulties about asking for a first date on a starship. When editor and 2004 Clarion classmate Nikki Kimberling first put out the call for stories for an anthology of gay and lesbian SF, I threatened to submit a lesbian first date Fleet story -- since Nikki gave me a hard time about my military SF at Clarion. She said "bring it on", with "Marine armor".

The other authors in the anthology? Well, I know two personally. J.D. Everyhope is a First Prize winner in the Writers of the Future Volume XXIV anthology and Tenea Johnson is also a 2004 Clarion workshop classmate. Both are extraordinary writers. And both helped edit "Under Suspicion". (grin)

Anyway, Tangle Girls -- coming out in December 2008 just in time for Christmas. For those who want to read something a little different.

Dr. Phil