December 19th, 2008


Make-Up Day

The End Of A Long Hard Semester

Tuesday at noon and grades were done. Three large lecture classes, nearly 300 students, nearly 300 science literacy papers to grade, plus other assignments. And the final exams coming in from the graders. It all got done, more or less.

Except it didn't. In the middle of the last two screens worth of names for the last of the three classes, I got locked out of the online grading system as the Registrar ran their big batch job. It was four hours later that the system opened up again and I could actually finish entering grades. Annoying. And it meant I couldn't take my usual post-grading exhaustion nap until 5pm. (grin)

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Wait! End Of The World! News At Eleven!

The Big Storm

It's one thing to get a winter storm over West Michigan. It's another to get a storm that looks like Wisconsin is poking a finger across Lake Michigan and square in the side of West Michigan. (grin) And it's one thing to hype that some areas around Grand Rapids would get FIFTEEN INCHES of snow, and another to say during the storm watch that you'd get 4-5" overnight, another 3-5" during the morning and another couple of inches into the evenings. Somehow that doesn't sound as bad. Yeah, it's going to be some work to move it by Yooper Scooper, but so what?

The storm hit us a bit after 1am EST, and though the air was thick with snow -- it looked like fog at first -- when I got up at 6:30am, checking outside the garage showed only a few inches. Even at 10am, it was only 3-4". I (a) had an appointment for cleaning my teeth at 1pm and (b) we needed to ship Christmas boxes to a few places and try to get them there FOR Christmas, and I didn't want to let that slip another day. But at 11:45am, there was drifting of a foot or more in the driveway. Fortunately it was fairly light and the 1994 4WD Blazer got out to the road just fine. The road sucked -- but 4WD and 2nd gear and 30 mph or less speed, I followed a garbage truck out to the main roads and it was okay.

Was not expecting the sudden bout of blue skies, bright sun and no more snow at 2pm.

Thought Kalamazoo wasn't supposed to get as much snow, there was a nasty band of sleet and freezing rain running up the I-94 corridor and this morning the roads down there in pretty bad shape. I'm not planning to drive to WMU until January 2009, but as it turned out:
WMU is closed

Except for essential and emergency services, Western Michigan University is closed today, Dec. 19, due to severe winter weather. All public events on campus are canceled.

Mrs. Dr. Phil had declared herself a Snow Day at around 6:50am. But by the afternoon, GVSU agreed:
Crisis - Weather Closing issued at 12/19/08 12:21 PM

GVSU severe weather alert. Grand Valley State University will Close at 2PM today December 19, 2008.

Thank you, IT Operations (init)

Tis The Season

Instead of snow, I'll leave you with a small army of cookies marching towards you. You cannot resist them. Both milk and dark chocolate Hershey's Kisses. And the red sugar turned out to have a cinnamon base, light but very effective in a peanut butter cookie made with Bisquick.

Mrs. Dr. Phil got the recipe for CHEWY PEANUT BUTTER BLOSSOM cookies from the GVSU Lanthorn student newspaper, Monday, December 8, 2008, page A7.

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