December 23rd, 2008


Reaching Out

About That Rick Warren Guy

President-Elect Obama's choice of Rick Warren to give the invocation at the inauguration in less than a month has give the gay & lesbian communities and many liberals quite a lot of distress lately. Is this Obama trying to be inclusive of people beyond just those who voted for him? Or cynical pandering to the Religious Right? Or capitulation in the face of the lack of a filibuster-proof Senate?

I ran across SF author Nicola Griffith's blog just now and she has quite a thought provoking entry about the Rick Warren invitation -- and stay for the comments.

I think there's some good ideas about staying focused on what you believe in and still wanting to end this ugly divisiveness which has plagued the U.S. for too long and polarized us into bitter camps which see the end of civilization whenever the other side wins an election.

Just sayin'

Dr. Phil
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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like... Laurium

"Heather, it's still snowing..."

We're in lake effect snow now and it continues to build up. I went out for half an hour to go by the Allendale Meat Market and buy a couple of links of fresh kielbasa for Christmas breakfast with our stollen and -- hopefully -- poppyseed coffeecake, the traditional family fare. When I came back, you couldn't see the treadmarks from the tires in the driveway. Half to an inch of snow had fallen in that time.

GVSU closed at noon again today.

When we went out yesterday we marveled that M-45 looked more like US-41 in the U.P. -- they actually plowed and scraped the shoulders and we had small snowbanks. Today, the intersection of 68th Avenue and M-45 Lake Michigan Drive looked like M-26 in downtown Laurium twenty years ago.

Disasters Beckon

Almost saw a wreck today. As I approached 68th Avenue on Warner, I saw in the distance a car at the light turn left on green. Then I saw this massive double-bottomed dump truck come roaring in from the right on 68th... and the car somehow stopped, though I think it ended up either in the center turn lane or in the wrong lane on 68th. Not sure what happened, whether the trucker missed that his light was red, which it was, or whether the truck slid past the stop line due to the icy roads. But fortunately, the driver of the car managed to be aware of the truck and no contact occurred. I didn't hear the truck blow its horn -- and yes, I do always drive with the window at least cracked open so I don't drive in silent ignorance -- so I suspect the trucker didn't intend to run the light.

At the Meat Market, there was an Ottawa County Sheriff's car and some other car. Not sure what that was about, something about whether the other car would drive and many phone calls -- couldn't tell if there'd been a wreck or a slideoff. I wasn't hanging around. But when I came out the other car was leaving and I chatted with the sheriff deputy for a minute.

The lakeshore counties are telling people to get off the roads. Again.

Moron Of The Week

Some new young guy on The Weather Channel, doing a quick pass around the country and talking about Michigan. No problem until he mentioned that it would get milder on Wednesday and Friday and that the snow would turn to rain. The moronic part? He seemed to think this was a good thing.

Yeah, you people in Atlanta think that rain is better than snow. Except when you have snow and ice covered roads and all this snow around here -- rain and temps into the upper 30s and lower 40s will make things really ucky.

Yeah. Milder. Go put on a Weather Channel parka and come up here and say that.

Did I mention we were happy with out decision to stay at home this Christmas?

Dr. Phil
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