December 24th, 2008


Holiday Baking

Mmm, Poppyseed Cake

Here's Mrs. Dr. Phil with my mom's poppyseed cake recipe:

It's swell -- just perfect.

Other Baking Issues

So last night, when Mrs. Dr. Phil was making the yeast dough for the poppyseed, she was "helped" by Bagel, her orange kitty. He likes to watch cooking, sometimes, and so was sitting on a kitchen stool. She had her back to him at one point and then he was gone. And quiet. Now that's always a recipe for trouble.

We had chili and cornbread for dinner, and the little orange skunk had gotten onto the counter, stuck his nose under a dish towel, stolen a cornbread muffin and -- since we didn't hear anything -- must've carried it down to the floor and around the corner, where he started eating the top of the muffin.

Cat. Cornbread. Theft.

Whatta combination! Sorry we don't have photos of that.

Dr. Phil
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