January 17th, 2009


Someone Or Something Had To Record This

via CNN

It was just a matter of time before some security camera or something was revealed to have shot the remarkable landing of US Airways flight 1549, much like security footage came out showing the collapse of I-35 in Minneapolis the other year.

Dr. Phil

UPDATE: Fox has some more views.

This didn't embed the first time. The URL is here.

EVEN BETTER: via an LJ friend of an LJ friend

This ten-minute video is from the Jersey side of the Hudson.
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It's Not The Weather...

...though we've had a series of Alberta Clippers come through West Michigan and much of the area has had subzero lows and more than a few subzero daytime temps. Here in Allendale, though, we are close enough to Lake Michigan that it's not been quite that cold.

Roads have been glass most of the week -- two hour or more drives each way nearly every day. Still, the people around me haven't been driving very stupidly, for which I am grateful, even as we observe lots of earlier people who go rushing around too fast and then pay the price.

Cold enough for the blower fan on the 1996 Blazer to fail to start on two occasions now -- bearing will be going sometime -- but I remember nursing the 1979 Suburban's fan for a long time. Slam the hood and that's enough shock to unfreeze the bearing. I'll probably get the fan changed on Monday though, because I can't imagine driving to/from ConFusion next weekend with no heat or defrost. (grin)

It's Not Emotional...

...MSNBC and other media outlets are going nuts already with pre-inauguration coverage. The President-Elect's train just arrived in Washington Union Station. (It's not a POTUS movement, but a PEBO -- President-Elect Barack Obama.) And then there's the remarkable events in the Hudson River on Thursday, shown in the previous posting.

No, I'm Just Taking This Weekend To Be Sick

It really is the best weekend to have a cold. WMU observes MLK Day on Monday, so I don't have to drive to/fro Kalamazoo and can get that fan replaced. Not the best way to observe the day, I'll grant you, but unfortunately terribly practical.

We have been living in a snow globe all day. We weren't supposed to get a lot of snow today, but mostly it's been BIG flakes, the ones that swirl around and end up snowing up more often than not. Last night we finished lovely oxtail stew -- it was the perfect thing for a poor sick Dr. Phil.

Dozed during the day in the recliner, all bundled up. After all, I was cold for a while.

Stupid disease.

Dr. Phil
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